August 15, 2011

I Think, Therefore I Can

We are not quite brave enough to attempt canning (for the first time) here on our blog, especially since my kitchen is still in the midst of renovations.  However I did want to at least provide some info for other readers since seasonal cooking and canning practically go hand in hand.  I wanted to share a couple of good resources I found that should be enough to get you started if you're really serious about it.  In my case, the more I read about the process, the more I realized how NOT serious I am about attempting it.  Maybe next year.  But for those brave souls out there with your berries, peaches and tomatoes, read on. 

First we have a whole book on the subject. 

Actually, there are many books on canning, but this was the one I skimmed through because it was featured at my local farmer's market, and it got decent reviews on Amazon.

If you aren't fully committed to canning, at least enough to go out and purchase a book on the subject, I'd like to direct you to this fantastic site:

In addition to listing the best pick-your-own farms across various regions, Pick Your Own also offers detailed canning and preserving directions for just about anything.  It seems especially geared toward newbies and even offers links to purchase canning supplies. 

Labor Day (and back-to-school madness, and cool Fall weather) is just around the corner. 

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