June 19, 2011

Local Markets

In the last few weeks we've been frequenting a couple of our local farmer's markets, especially for this season's fresh herbs and fruits. 

Although "pick-your-own" farms are becoming less numerous across the state, we are lucky to live very close by to one that has harvests nine months out of the year.  The current produce stars at our farm?  Strawberries (which get their own festival every year!), peas (new this year!) and last but not least, some early cherries. 

A strawberry lattice pie was almost too beautiful to eat.  Right...almost.  We will tackle a couple of strawberry recipes in our next post.

I am also a fan of farmer's markets for end-of-the-school-year teacher gifts. You can find everything from flowers to homemade candles and apothecary items,cookbooks and locally made treats. 

...stay tuned to find out what's growing in our own gardens...

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